Why an MVP Website is Important in 2021?

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Creating a website is critical in the digital age – whether you’re a new business or an already established one, being online is an obvious and great way to be found by potential clients and grow your profit margins.

When you’re launching a new product online, an awesome way to stand out is by running your product through phases. In industry terms, you’d turn the thing you’re trying to sell into a minimum viable product – also known as an MVP.

But how does an MVP work as a website we hear you ask? And why should you care? 🤔

Adjusting MVP website for startup is important during its early stages

If you created your website to act in a way similar to an MVP, then you’d essentially be giving it the chance to thrive further for longer.

This would be because with an MVP website, visitors would be able to use your website and offer continuous feedback on anything they didn’t like or ways it could be improved.

With this feedback, you’re able to gain valuable insight into your target audience and examine what they want from your service and website.

But that’s not all an MVP website offers…

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An MVP website is crucial because it saves you money as you aren’t throwing loose change on making changes you aren’t certain will work or not. Any money you throw on an MVP website will be backed up by consumer input, and will be changes that they’ll want to see, rather than changes that you’ll want to see. 

By framing your website to fit the consumer, you’ll make greater returns with more certainty.

This guaranteed success and consistent listening to your customer-base will create an irreplaceable relationship between you and your consumer.

Not only will the consumer feel listened to and an important part of your business journey, but they’ll also feel like they can trust you.

It’s the type of relationship that businesses take years to build. However, by including your consumers in your business process early on, you’re jumping ahead and reaching out to your audience sooner. Therefore, reaping the benefits early on.

Did you know that 💡

According to Review 42, 65% of a company’s business comes from previous customers? And that 43% of people spend money on brands they’re loyal to?

By using an MVP website, you’re creating a relationship with your consumer that can’t be brought and will pay-off much further down the line. And if you still aren’t convinced to use an MVP website, then perhaps it’s time to speak to the experts.

We help create websites for a range of SMEs and startups, and would love to start enjoying the benefits of an MVP website.

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